We are excited to announce the addition of Super Sentry Simon, our newest technician who’s on duty 24/7/365, making sure you stay safe and comfortable.

Simon is on duty 24/7/265 and as a start, will watch over your heat and air conditioning system and let you know when he thinks you’re going to have a problem. You can check with him anytime over your cell phone or computer and he’ll report historical and current performance.

See the checklist below and if you like what you see, you need our new tech.Super Sentry Simon

I don’t want my kids and or pets in a hot house
I wand to save up to 30 percent my electric bill and help the environment
I want my contractor to know about issues, to respond quickly, reduce costly repairs and extend the life of my system
I want peace of mind knowing my air conditioner is working, even when I’m not home
Once I get my HVAC system running smoothly, I’d also like to be protected against water damage and save on my insurance, I’d like to protect my home from water damage and save up to 10% on my insurance
Once your HVAC is being monitored and operating at peak efficiency, we can start working on your water system and install devices that will:

With added devices we can protect against water damage with the help of Floodie, a multi-purpose sensor that sends alerts to your phone within seconds of detecting water leaks in your home and other unique sensors to prevent condensate leaks. With these added devices you may be able to save up to 10% on your home insurance for having leak & flood protection.

Ask one of our technicians or Comfort Consultants to answer any questions and show you how affordable this system can be.