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Air Conditioning Zoning Products and Services

You can save Money and Energy by Zoning your Home in Port Orange

Total Comfort has a large selection of zoning products that allow simple programming of temperature and humidity levels in 7-day cycles for up to four zones for your Port Orange home or business. You can enjoy greater comfort management and energy savings control. And, if your system includes a heat pump and a furnace, its advanced features can orchestrate Hybrid Heat®system performance too.

Two zones are better than one... for temperature control and energy savings. Your Carrier indoor weather expert will work with you to effectively zone your home for optimum comfort and economy.

Here's one example of how to divide a single-story home into two zones.

  • Zone 1 - With a single-story home, it is common to separate the living areas from the sleeping areas. In this example, we've taken the bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallway for the first zone.
  • Zone 2 - Much like in the multi-story homes, we've taken the kitchen and dining areas and put them into a zone. In this case, we also include the living room and foyer.


The Carrier zone system lets you divide your home according to its natural comfort zones and your schedule. Every home has its hot and cold spots. And, every family has a different schedule. Carrier's Comfort Zone™ allows you to create a customized comfort schedule that improves the performance of your indoor weather system.

The two main reasons to choose Carrier's zone system are improved comfort and energy savings. By customizing the system to neutralize your home's problem areas, you are making your house a more comfortable place in which to live. And, by setting a comfort schedule according to the areas you use the most, you can save money with increased energy efficiency.

Carrier has built its reputation for excellence by delivering technological innovations in indoor weather. Not only do we deliver new technology, we deliver results with features like Smart Recovery™ and humidity control. Smart Recovery starts your system ahead of schedule to make sure each zone reaches its set temperature right on time. With humidity control, you can dehumidify your home during the summer months or add moisture to the air in the winter.

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