total comfort electrical
Inspection ofElectrical Panels and connections.
Inspection of electrical meters.
Inspection of electrical appliances.

Electrical Inspection Deland

Electrical Inspection service by Total Comfort

Introducing the Residential Electrical Inspection


Check main panel for tightness.
Check main terminals for signs of over-heating.
Check circuit breaker terminals and fit to bus.
Check neutral terminal connections.
Record method of grounding and connections.
Confirm type and condition of surge suppressor.

Electric Meter

Check condition of exterior visible service conductors.
Check for proper attachment of components to building.
Check physical condition of boxes and conduits.

Wiring Devices

Test polarity and ground for receptacles.
Inspect cords for defects.
Test GFCIs.


Check pump and water heater timers.
Confirm connection of major appliances.
Check smoke detectors.
Replace smoke detector batteries (2 included).
Replace bulbs if supplied by owner
Install one free Compact Fluorescent (13W Swirl).

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