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Air Conditioning Installation Daytona Beach

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Do you need a new HVAC unit in Daytona Beach?

With summer approaching quickly, it could be time to upgrade or replace your HVAC unit in Daytona Beach. Trust the HVAC experts to install your system correctly and quickly so you can bring your home or business in Daytona Beach back to maximum comfort. Since 1976, Total Comfort has been the premier choice in HVAC installation in Daytona Beach. We only employ knowledgeable, experienced HVAC technicians that will get the job done right the first time. If you need more information or are ready to get a free estimate, call us now at 386-361-5500 or schedule an appointment.

daytona beach air handler installation

The picture above shows a new air handler installation in Daytona Beach with a 4 inch filter installed.
Total Comfort offers the availability of a 4-inch thick filter that provides MERV 11 filtration. The higher the MERV value is the value the more efficient the filter will be in trapping airborne particles. MERV which stands for Minimum Efficiency Report Values range from 1 to 16 with the higher number being able to filter out more particles.
Ask one of our Comfort Specialists about these filters today.

The Importance of Installing it Right

Rapid advancements in technology in the air conditioning industry make the selection of modern equipment more highly technical leaving many home contractors behind. Accoprding to EnergyStar, a division of the Environmental Protection Agency, more than half of all air conditioners in the United States are installed incorrectly. With thousands of comfort systems installed , our competency, proficiency and skill makes the difference.

At Total Comfort, we have developed procedures to effectly evaluate your home in Daytona Beach. We can recommend the right equipment and install it the right way. These procedures focus on three key areas: System size, home application, and installation. Why? Because 90% of installations fail to perform one or all of these functions - resulting in a loss of up to 50% effeciency. In short, the evaluations and installation process has a greater impact on your wallet and overall comfort than the equipment you choose.

Total Comforts Installation Standards:

Our installers utilize shoe covers and drop clothes to protect your flooring

We regularly train our installation technicians on the latest technology

NATE certified services technicians

We only install new equipment that utilizes environmentally friendly refrigerant.

Pressure test and inspect refrigerant & gas lines for leakage

Ultize careful, complete, thorough refrigerant charging procedures per manufacter's specifications

Accurately set blower speeds which correctly correspond to the system capacity. This is critical on variable speed applications.

Record and document pertinent tempature and pressure readings

Install water-sensing safety switches and utilize safety overflow pans and emergency cut offs

Size refrigerant lines for optimum efficiency and capacity per manufacturers sepcifications

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