Total Comfort’s choice for electrical devices for your home or business is Eaton.

Most companies that manufacture electrical panels for your home or business offer their products with either an aluminum bus bar or a copper bus bar. For all of its installations in Volusia and Flagler, Total Comfort recommends using products with a copper bus bar. See a further discussion below.

Copper bus refers to the conductive material used as a main electrical conductor in electrical panels, specifically in the distribution and control sections of the panel. The bus, often in the form of bus bars, serves as a central pathway for electricity to flow and distributes it to the various circuit breakers, switches, and other components within the panel.

Here are some key points about copper bus in electrical panels:

  1. Conductivity: Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, known for its high electrical conductivity. It has low resistance, which allows for efficient and effective transmission of electrical current. Copper bus bars provide a reliable and low-resistance pathway for the electrical power to flow through the panel.
  2. Durability: Copper is highly durable and resistant to corrosion, making it a suitable choice for long-term use in electrical applications. Copper bus bars can withstand the electrical load and environmental conditions within the panel without significant degradation or performance issues.
  3. Heat Dissipation: Copper has good thermal conductivity, meaning it can efficiently dissipate heat generated by electrical current passing through it. This is important in electrical panels where high currents are involved, as excessive heat buildup can affect the performance and longevity of the panel components. The copper bus helps in dissipating heat, reducing the risk of overheating.
  4. Flexibility: Copper bus bars can be shaped and formed into various configurations to suit different panel designs and layouts. They can be bent, twisted, or cut to the required lengths and shapes, allowing for customization based on specific panel requirements.
  5. Electrical Capacity: Copper bus bars are capable of carrying high electrical currents without significant voltage drop or power loss. They can handle the load demands of the panel and provide reliable power distribution to the connected circuits.
  6. Compatibility: Copper is widely used in electrical systems and is compatible with a variety of other electrical components and connections. It can be easily connected to circuit breakers, switches, and other devices within the panel.