The 2022 new car model year has introduced a plethora of new electric and hybrid vehicles. These vehicles include plug-in hybrids as well as full electric vehicles and include everything from modestly sized passenger vehicles to full-sized trucks and almost everything in between.
For the past several years, I’ve been driving a plug-in hybrid mini-van and so far, I’ve really been enjoying it Not only is it very comfortable but, it has also been economical to operate. My last fill up yielded 289 miles per gallon overall (4,000 miles),

This coming year, FPL has announced a proposed rate increase that would raise their rate to $1.2067 per kilowatt hour. I’ve calculated that my vehicle gets approximately 32 miles per gallon on gasoline and I get 32 miles for 10 kwh of electricity. This converts to $1.2067 per gallon when running on electricity and today’s gas price is approximately $3.509 per gallon. All of this equates to a substantial savings on electricity.

Although I’m not recommending any particular vehicle, my plug-on hybrid has made good sense for me. I do mostly city driving so the 32 miles per charge I get will last the entire day. If I go out of town, my mileage performance goes down.

Total Comfort’s Electrical Division installed a home charging station for me a few years ago. It’s a 40 amp circuit and charges my vehicle in about 2 hours. It’s hooked up to the internet and can give me constant feedback on performance. There are a number of these chargers available and if interested I suggest that you do some on-line research to find the best deal and then call Total Comfort for installation.