June 1st is right around the corner and marks the beginning of hurricane season that will last until November. Get prepared and call for a free estimate on installation of a standby generator for your home or business today.

Your home is your castle and probably the most important thing you own. To maximize the comfort and safety of your home, protect it today with a standby backup generator. At Total Comfort, we offer many options to provide security and comfort from a power outage. Our options include Honeywell, Generac, and Kohler generators.

We have factory trained technicians that can install and maintain your generator. We offer complete installation that includes a propane fuel supply and all electrical work.

Our comfort specialists can calculate what you need to keep your power on and your family safe and

comfortable.Generator for your Home

We also offer Portable Generator Installation that conforms to all building and electrical codes.

Total Comfort can install a circuit through which you can connect your portable generator to your electrical panel. When we install a circuit to your portable generator we provide a plug somewhere outside your home in a safe and well-ventilated location and a cord that will connect to your portable generator. When we do this circuit, we always install an “interlock” switch on your electrical panel. This device is designed to allow safe back-feeding of your panel through the portable generator during power outages and eliminating illegal and unsafe back-feeding situations that could potentially electrocute power line personnel or damage your generator. Each installation can be very different so we have to come out to your home or business and give you an estimate based on your individual conditions and requirements. The estimate is free and the protection can be priceless.