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Residential charging is beneficial and economical; therefore nearly, all electric car drivers do most of their charging at home. Take advantage of low, steady electrical rates by charging your car from your home. By using a residential charging station from Total Comfort, the cost to run your car over an entire year, can be less than your HVAC system.

What is the cost to charge from home?

According to the national average of 12.6 cents/kwh, completely charging an all-electric vehicle with a 100 mile distance and drained battery would only yield about the same as running an ordinary HVAC system for half the day.

What equipment do I need to charge from home?

Great question! When it comes to residential charging for your vehicle, there are two levels. Level 1 electric vehicle supply equipment and Level 2 electric vehicle supply equipment. Charging with level 2 is faster and more convienent. Level 2 is also a bit more expensive. Whether you choose level 1 or 2 depends on your unique situation. Contact an electrical expert from Total Comfort and they will gladly guide you through the decision process and installation.

Level 2 EVSE

Level 2 EVSE provides charging through a 240 V AC plug. Level 2 adds about 10 to 60 miles of range to a vehicle per hour of charging time, making it suitable for all EVs.

Level 1 EVSE

Level 1 EVSE provides charging through a 120 volt (V) AC plug. Level 1 adds about 2 to 5 miles of range to a vehicle per hour of charging time, making it suitable for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and depending on your circumstance, even some all-electric vehicles.

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