Consumers seeking services, might have various reasons to choose service companies that conduct drug testing and background checks. Here are some reasons why consumers might opt for such companies:

  • Safety and Security: Consumers want to ensure their safety when interacting with service providers, especially when the services involve entering their homes or personal spaces. Background checks can help verify that the service providers have a history of ethical behavior and do not pose a risk.

  • Trust and Reliability: Knowing that a service provider’s employees passed a criminal background check and drug test can instill confidence in consumers that the provider is reliable and trustworthy. This is particularly important for home repair services.

  • Quality of Service: Consumers often associate a clean record and passing a drug test with professionalism and dedication to their work. This can lead to higher expectations of quality service from providers who meet these criteria.

  • Protection from Theft or Fraud: Consumers want to protect their belongings and financial interests. By choosing service companies that perform background checks, consumers can reduce the risk of theft, fraud, or damage that might occur with unscrupulous providers.

  • Sensitive Information Handling: For services that involve personal or sensitive information, consumers want assurance that the service providers are reputable and capable of handling confidential information appropriately.

  • Peace of Mind: Engaging with service providers who have undergone background checks and drug testing can provide consumers with peace of mind, knowing that they have taken steps to minimize potential risks associated with hiring strangers.

  • Vulnerable Populations: When hiring service providers to work with vulnerable populations, such as children or the elderly, consumers want to be sure that the individuals they are bringing into their homes have passed rigorous screening to ensure the safety and well-being of their loved ones.

  • Avoiding Disruption: Service providers who fail to pass background checks or drug tests might be more prone to sudden unavailability due to legal issues or substance abuse problems. By choosing Total Comfort consumers reduce the risk of service disruptions.

  • Personal Values: Some consumers simply prioritize supporting service companies that prioritize safety and ethical behavior. They may feel more comfortable aligning themselves with businesses that share their value

Ultimately, the decision to use service companies that conduct drug testing and background checks depends on the individual’s comfort level, the nature of the service required, and their specific preferences for safety and reliability. Total Comfort conducts pre-employment and random drug testing. Total Comfort also conducts initial and annual background checks on all employees.

If you require air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, or propane services anywhere in Volusia or Flagler County you should research the policies of the service company you are considering and choose providers that align with their needs and values.Chose Total Comfort for all of your mechanical service and installation requirements in Ormond Beach, Holly Hill, Daytona Beach, South Daytona, Port Orange, Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Deland, and Edgewater.


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